Indoor Led Screen

Today's society embraces interactive display marketing in almost every industry. For instance, sports halls, introductions, trade fairs, making the message charming and getting the eye of customers. Various brands utilize these screens to market their products, especially with IoT and sensors to identify the crowd. This association introduces various indoor screens to advance its items.

LED screens placed in shops and store window displays are intended to be viewed from shorter distances, so it is best to use a small pixel pitch and high resolution.But, it is imperative to consider that each screen size has a corresponding pixel pitch. 

This criterion is the basis for choosing an indoor LED screen. Regardless of other parameters, purchasing a lower screen than the recommended pixel pitch can result in expensive advertising screens that may not meet your expectations and needs.

Outdoor Led Screen

Outdoor LED Screens provide a more comprehensive display for viewers. The screens should be able to endure harsh climatic conditions. Outdoor exhibiting and publicizing have been made seamless and more efficient using this technology. An evolution in marketing has been introduced via outdoor LED screens. For the promotion of your brand, outdoor LED screens are an optimal option. Mainly, it helps to introduce your business as a dynamic and forward thinking entity.

Custom Shaped Led Screen

Customized LED Screens are designed according to customer requirements. For wide display in markets, we can mold them in shapes of your choice, such as cylindrical, cuboid, barrel shape, or even in the shape of a human being.

Curved Led Screen

LED screens are a display technology that utilizes Light Emitting Diodes as a light source. LEDs are more efficient in producing optimal light intensity amid other light-emitting sources to enable high visibility. These screens are widely used for a variety of commercial purposes and are highly effective

Interactive Led Screen

We are offering high-performance touch products as well. The BeBright system provides vital protection for the LED wall while ensuring no image degradation, outstanding image clarity, exciting colors and excellent wide viewing angles. We have introduced aunique design by incorporating an advanced cooling system to ensure the LED tiles are working at a suitable temperature. The maintenance address is provided by adding an easy-to-access rollback system to the back of the LED tiles.